Ludlow Esoteric conference 2009

This is the highlight of the year for many people interested in witchcraft/occult areas, and this year i decided to go along and see what it was all about.

On a scorching hot day, i travelled approx 50mins to Ludlow arriving an hour early (didnt know how packed the car park might get).  I went in search of my friends when i arrived, managed to get a nice guy to unlock the door for the Ludlow Conference Centre, but still couldnt find anyone.  Hmmm, strange.  Anyway after going back to the car and checking my ticket, realised that the conference was to be held at the Assembly rooms! What a doughnut! Hehe.

Anyway it had a plus side as i met a lovely lady in the car park called Jacky who was also going to the conference and we walked into the town centre together and she treated me to a coffee!  We arrived at the conference at 11am just before the first talk started.

Philip Hesselton was talking about the mothers of Wicca and Gerald Gardner, which was quite interesting to hear background stuff about the famed “Wiccan”.

Next up was Sorita D’Este talking about the “book of shadows”, the deep history of Wicca and also Gerald Gardner, it was her first talk at this event and she was funny and quite engaging too (so much so we ran 15mins over). We then broke for lunch and i went to check out the Occult Bookfair, booksellers from all accross the country!  Unfortunately none of the books jumped out at me so didnt buy any.

After lunch we had Nigel Pennick talk about Runes & Magick, which was really interesting, i never knew Runes went so far back in history. Amazing.  He was a lovely chap too.

Next up was Geraldine Beskin talking about Progradier & The Beast, unfortunately i was becoming rather overheated at this point and desperately needed some air, so sadly missed her talk.

After a 10 min break and much more refreshed i headed back in to hear David Rankine talk about Demonology & The Grimoire traditions, this was an unexpected topic for me, but i did learn quite alot.  For example he states that an Angel has one purpose/job to do and does it really well, whereas a Demon is an Angel that has free will!  Go figure!

Stephen Skinner was up last talking about the Key of Solomon and Demonology, again totally fascinating stuff from these last two speakers.

So all in all a great day out, i managed to get home about 7.40pm after saying lots and lots of goodbyes.  It was said that this years conference was to be the last which is a shame, as i only just heard about it! Lol.

To top the weekend off we had a family bbq at my mum & dads on Sunday which was great.  Long may the Summer continue! Enjoy the sunshine folks

Take care till next time. xxx


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Past Life Reading

Hello all, sorry for being away for a while, again.

Not much to report really.  Well, I did win a free 30min past life reading recently.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found the experience quite interesting.  It certainly helped me to understand certain things in this life.

I once spent time as a priestess over 12 thousand years ago!  Cool huh?  This must be where my leaning towards a spiritual path comes from.  The other stuff was quite personal so wont put it here.  I would definitely recommend checking her out though.  You can follow the link opposite to Starlight’s web site.

Other news consists of planting some veggies, dusting off my exercise bike and getting on it (at last), not even getting a job interview for Morrisons!  And… well, a bit of boredom thrown in there too.

Im at a total loss for anything more to say now, so will leave you all in peace (for now).  Take care all. xx

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Basic Astrology Workshop

Hello folks, sorry for the time delay in posting.  I should probably mention first off that i have decided to cancel my subscription to weight watchers for the time being until i find regular employment.  However i shall be following the diet still and will try to keep you all updated.

Today though, i would like to tell you about the Basic Astrology Workshop i attended last Saturday in Clun.  It was a lovely day meeting new people and also learning a bit more about myself.  My horroscope is Aquarius, but i quite often disagree with some of the character traits, that i simply dont seem to fall into, well…. on Saturday i found out why.  According to my Birth/Natal chart i was born during the cycle of Leo, which certainly does explain some of my more exhibisionist moments. Lol.

Oh, and did you know that “many happy returns” relates to the sun returning to the exact spot it was in when you were born?! Which is not always on the day you celebrate your birthday.  How cool is that.  Bit more general knowledge for you… “happy birthday” originated in America and was not used in the UK until the late Victorian period.

It was a fascinating workshop and would recommend anyone to have their charts done no matter what your faith/beliefs are as it is so acurate its almost spooky, it certainly explains alot about my emotional wellbeing (and mood swings).

Take care everyone and hopefully write a new post next week.


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Well, its been two weeks since I started blogging and I guess im ready to start work on my spiritual path, so I thought an introduction to my path so far would be in order.

I have always felt different, rebelled against the norm and taken an interest in things that some people I knew didnt want to know about, as I got older I found that there are the odd couple of people who share similar ideas/values and interests as myself.   It started out as an interest in occult/supernatural/horror films and books ranging from ghost stories to demons.  As I got older (After leaving high school) I started to whittle down certain interests and increased others.  I started buying books on Egyptian Gods/Godesses, Myths and legends until in my early twentys I found a book on the bottom shelf in a book shop called Teen Witch – Wicca for a new generation by Silver Ravenwolf.  I was so excited, I had never seen a book like this explaining the craft in details I could never of hoped for.  Well, that was about 7yrs ago and I have found many other books to delve into, although some do seem confusing for me.

I have started my journey on this path many times, always putting it to one side when the going gets tough, and I do find it tough.  However, the last 6 months or so have been more consistent, I have been practising all sorts of things from grounding myself to actual rituals.  And of course I have found like minded people to confide/discuss things with on the internet and they are a fab bunch of people, I cant wait to get to meet them all.

In the following weeks I will update this section of my blog with any workings I have done along with any outcomes, my thoughts and feelings about my path and new bits of info I gather along the way.

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Week Two

Ok, if you remember I had a bad weigh-in last week, which prompted me to do a magickal working.  Well, I think ive had a really good week, I saved up lots of my points so that I could be more flexible when we went out on Saturday for a Valentine’s meal at the Kerry Lamb (very recommended).  So, I was a little naughty but not as bad as I usually am, so I was very proud of myself.

I was quite surprised to find that I had only lost 1/2 lb though, but, as the lady there explained it can take a few days for all the hard work to show.  I know if I stick to it and continue being good, I will start losing every week. I guess I still feel bad for putting that 6lb back on!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! Next week will be an even better sucess!

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My journey so far.

Back in September 2008 I decided to go back to Weight Watchers as I was getting fed up of being tired and lethargic!  I had a few great months where I lost weight almost each week, I stayed the same weight on only 3 occaisions and didnt put on a single lb! This was fantastic! Before i knew it the 23rd December had arrived and it was to be my last weigh in for a few weeks, and low and behold I had made it to my 10% weight loss target! I was absolutely delighted. So much so that i threw out the diet all over christmas and ate what I wanted.

I finally plucked up the courage to go back to meetings the second week into January, and was pleasantly surprised that i had only put on 1lb!  However, the following week i put on 3 1/2 lbs, I was gutted.  Anyway I missed a couple of weeks because i had been naughty.  Next time I weighed I stayed the same weight (a small mercy!)  That was last week, and as some of you will be aware it was my birthday on Saturday (7th) and I had been given lots of yummy chocs and of course me and paul (my Fiancee) went out for a meal and lots of drinks!

I was totally dreading weighing in today and, as suspected I had put on yet more weight! 1 1/2 lbs.  that makes it 6lbs in total that I have put on.  Well no more!  To help strengthen my will power I called on a little candle burning ritual for assistance (Magick/Spiritual Journey will get its own page, so keep an eye out if interested).  So today is the start of a new beginning! Well..Diet wise anyway.  Wish me luck folks, and dont forget to tune back in next Tuesday for my next weigh in.

Ta ta for now. xxxx

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Hello and welcome to my blog.  Im not really too sure what to write, but im sure i will get into the swing of it soon, so please bear with me.

I guess i should introduce myself first.  My name is Sarah and i live in Mid-Wales, i am in my late 20’s and enjoy reading, puzzles and surfing (the internet that is).

I am  currently following the Weight Watchers diet plan and have so far lost over a stone and a half, i will keep my blog updated with my ups and downs as i continue to reach my goal.  I am also exploring my spiritual side and trying very hard to get back to nature, the way we used to live, i will record my journey here also.

So i shall say goodbye for now and hope to update my new blog soon.

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