Basic Astrology Workshop

March 10, 2009 cariad70

Hello folks, sorry for the time delay in posting.  I should probably mention first off that i have decided to cancel my subscription to weight watchers for the time being until i find regular employment.  However i shall be following the diet still and will try to keep you all updated.

Today though, i would like to tell you about the Basic Astrology Workshop i attended last Saturday in Clun.  It was a lovely day meeting new people and also learning a bit more about myself.  My horroscope is Aquarius, but i quite often disagree with some of the character traits, that i simply dont seem to fall into, well…. on Saturday i found out why.  According to my Birth/Natal chart i was born during the cycle of Leo, which certainly does explain some of my more exhibisionist moments. Lol.

Oh, and did you know that “many happy returns” relates to the sun returning to the exact spot it was in when you were born?! Which is not always on the day you celebrate your birthday.  How cool is that.  Bit more general knowledge for you… “happy birthday” originated in America and was not used in the UK until the late Victorian period.

It was a fascinating workshop and would recommend anyone to have their charts done no matter what your faith/beliefs are as it is so acurate its almost spooky, it certainly explains alot about my emotional wellbeing (and mood swings).

Take care everyone and hopefully write a new post next week.



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  • 1. Nikki-ann  |  March 13, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    It’s funny what you can learn about yourself 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time. It’s amazing what goes on in the little place that is Clun! 😀

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