Ludlow Esoteric conference 2009

June 1, 2009 cariad70

This is the highlight of the year for many people interested in witchcraft/occult areas, and this year i decided to go along and see what it was all about.

On a scorching hot day, i travelled approx 50mins to Ludlow arriving an hour early (didnt know how packed the car park might get).  I went in search of my friends when i arrived, managed to get a nice guy to unlock the door for the Ludlow Conference Centre, but still couldnt find anyone.  Hmmm, strange.  Anyway after going back to the car and checking my ticket, realised that the conference was to be held at the Assembly rooms! What a doughnut! Hehe.

Anyway it had a plus side as i met a lovely lady in the car park called Jacky who was also going to the conference and we walked into the town centre together and she treated me to a coffee!  We arrived at the conference at 11am just before the first talk started.

Philip Hesselton was talking about the mothers of Wicca and Gerald Gardner, which was quite interesting to hear background stuff about the famed “Wiccan”.

Next up was Sorita D’Este talking about the “book of shadows”, the deep history of Wicca and also Gerald Gardner, it was her first talk at this event and she was funny and quite engaging too (so much so we ran 15mins over). We then broke for lunch and i went to check out the Occult Bookfair, booksellers from all accross the country!  Unfortunately none of the books jumped out at me so didnt buy any.

After lunch we had Nigel Pennick talk about Runes & Magick, which was really interesting, i never knew Runes went so far back in history. Amazing.  He was a lovely chap too.

Next up was Geraldine Beskin talking about Progradier & The Beast, unfortunately i was becoming rather overheated at this point and desperately needed some air, so sadly missed her talk.

After a 10 min break and much more refreshed i headed back in to hear David Rankine talk about Demonology & The Grimoire traditions, this was an unexpected topic for me, but i did learn quite alot.  For example he states that an Angel has one purpose/job to do and does it really well, whereas a Demon is an Angel that has free will!  Go figure!

Stephen Skinner was up last talking about the Key of Solomon and Demonology, again totally fascinating stuff from these last two speakers.

So all in all a great day out, i managed to get home about 7.40pm after saying lots and lots of goodbyes.  It was said that this years conference was to be the last which is a shame, as i only just heard about it! Lol.

To top the weekend off we had a family bbq at my mum & dads on Sunday which was great.  Long may the Summer continue! Enjoy the sunshine folks

Take care till next time. xxx


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  • 1. Nikki-ann  |  June 6, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    No sunshine today 😦

    I’m glad you enjoyed the day 🙂

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